Eat & Drink

In Kea Island there are several interesting suggestions to have a breakfast, a meal or dinner, to enjoy a relaxing coffee or spend the night out.

Whatever your desire is, we can suggest to you the best option to ensure you will spend a wonderful time in the island.


Hiking lovers can choose between the 12 routes from the well-preserved and well-signed network of footpaths of the island and enjoy this special experience wandering from the green inland creek to the most isolated small bays, the most picturesque church and to the ancient city of Karthea.

The footpaths vary in difficulty and they may last from a few minutes to several hours walk.

One of the most popular footpaths, of about 30-minutes’ walk, starts from Ioulis and ends at the Stone Lion, the ancient sculpture related to the tradition of the island. Also a longer famous footpath, of about 3 hours, starts also from Ioulis, continues to Agios Konstantinos, Milopotamos, Flea and ends to Korissia. It is a great chance for the visitor to see the island’s amazing landscape.

Scuba Dive

Diving lovers can explore in addition to the morphology and biodiversity of the seabed, some historic shipwrecks. The most important is the floating hospital “Britannic”, sister ship to the Titanic, on 120m depth and is only proposed to experienced divers. The wreck of the paddlewheel steamboat “Patris” is found near Koundouros on 24 and 54m depth and the wreck of the French ship Burdigala is found close to Korissia port, on 70m depth.

In addition, very interesting diving spots are the Koundouros Reef and the underwater parts of Ancient Karthea town that are also nice for beginners.

Diving centers exist in the island to help the visitors with all the required information, photos and maps.


The festivals of Kea are known as the most fun occasions on the island. In general, these celebrations are characterized by traditional music, dancing and eating until early morning hours. Although most of them are concentrated in Ioulida, the capital of the island, fortunately, every village hosts at least one festival that takes place on the name day of the patron saint of each village.


Some of the most important religious and non-religious festivals of Kea are:

  • Holy Trinity Day
    In June, a celebration feast is held to honor the saint day of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) at the homonymous seaside chapel.
  • July 17th
    In the heart of the summer, on July 17th, there is a big fair dedicated to Agia Marina.
  • August 15th
    The religious festival of Panagia Kastriani takes place on August 15th at the most idyllic spot in Kea.
  • Fairy Tales Festival
    Every year, in the middle of the summer, Kea is the home of the Fairy Tales Festival, where renowned Greeks and foreign narrators read their tales to both children and adults. The island has become a great inspiration for storytellers who charm the island and the people.