Otzias beach is one of the most popular beaches located only 5 minutes walking distance from our suites and 5km from Korissia, the port.

It is one of the longest picturesque beaches on the island. A part of the beach is well organized whereas the rest is free to welcome those who prefer to calm and relax. The place offers couple of tavernas with nice local dishes. It is among the most popular beaches on Kea because of the fluffy sand inside and outside the water. It is chosen by families but during the summer winds called “Meltemi” it is also preferred by surfers.


Koundouros Beach is located on the south-west part of the island, 17km from the capital Ioulis. It is a well organized beach including a beach bar and a tavern. It is among the most popular beaches on Kea because of the crystalline water and its protection from the north winds.

The beach itself has nice features and is very picturesque with restored stone mills. In case of walking further along the coast, the beaches of Kambi, as well as the gorge of Vathirema can be found. The beach of Kambi counts on beautiful acorn trees, while the gorge ends at a beautiful remote beach called Liparo.


Gialiskari Beach is located on the north-west coast of Kea between Korissia, the island’s port and the harbor of Vourkari. It is a small beach with a cafe bar on its end. Its semi-enclosed location guarantees the calmness of the sea in regular weather conditions. Gialiskari tends to be very friendly for kids and teenagers. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of this beach on summer, and also come to relax during the low season.


Xyla beach is ideal for those seeking for peace and relaxation. It is located 6km from Korissia, the island’s port, through a dirt road with some difficulty. However the view, the crystal water and the picturesque surroundings will compensate the guest. The beach can also be reached by boat. A small beach bar with some sunbeds is included. The low profile of Xyla causes it to be chosen by several locals, which can be a powerful attraction for those who do not enjoy the typical tourist spots and their consequent noisy environment.


Spathi beach in one of the most beautiful on Kea. It is located 11km from Ioulis and about 5km of the route is a quite difficult dirt road. The visitor at the end of its destination will come across an amazing beach with crystal blue water, fine shingle and an arid area of tranquil beauty.

The beach is partly organized and a beach bar and restaurant is located just above the beach area.


Pisses Beach is located on the south-western coast, 12km from Ioulis. The beach is partly organized and includes a tavern with local dishes. The trip to the beach offers an awesome landscape ending to a fruit and cypress trees valley.

Pisses can be affected by the summer winds called “Meltemi”, a must for the surfers. On the other hand, when the waters are calm, they turn great for snorkeling and swimming. It is a good choice for families.


Orkos is a large beach on the north-eastern coast of Kea. It is a non organized beach with no tavernas and so it is the best place for isolation on a peaceful surround. It is advisable to have enough supplies of food and water as the beach has not an easy access to other locations where to re-supply yourself with some provisions.

Orkos is very picturesque, and counts on some trees providing nice shade from the sun, as well as some straw umbrellas. Its crystalline blue waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, which allows to appreciate the beauty found under the sea.


Liparo is one of the golden non organized beaches on Kea, on the south-western coast of the island. It can be found among the beaches of Koundouros, Pisses, Kastelakia, Kambi, and Lygia. Among this variety of beaches sharing the south-west coast, we find those more aimed to tourism, and those more secluded, which usually give the idea of secret paradise shared by a few. The combination between them, can supply the needs of the visitors that come to Kea every year.